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Glasses Size Guide

Depending on a frame’s brand or style, you may be asked to choose a size when ordering online. The frame size is in the format of lens width (mm) x bridge size (mm). If you already wear glasses you will find their size either on the inside of the arm or nose bridge. On some frames the lens width and bridge size will be separated by a square box.

Calculating the frame width will give you an idea of whether the frame will be too wide or narrow. The frame width is 2 x lens with + bridge size. The width of the frame in the picture above is 123mm. The measurements don’t need to be exact, but the closer it is to your existing pair of glasses the more similar your new pair will fit on your face.

Your frame should be slightly wider than your face, but ideally not more than a finger.

As a guide to which eye size may be right for you:

  • Small: under 50mm
  • Medium: 51-55mm
  • Large: 56mm and above

If you have any questions or would like help with choosing your frame size please contact us.